History, heritage and tradition in contemporary British politics: Past politics and present histories

Cities and networks in Europe. A critical approach of polycentrism

Micropolitics of School and EFL Teachers Professional Interests: The Case of Schools for Gifted Students in Iran

The entitled nation: how people make themselves white in contemporary England

Comparing London and Frankfurt as world cities: A relational study of contemporary urban change

What is death

Heimlich maneuvers: on a certain tendency of horror and speculative cinema

Book jacket as access mechanism: An attribute rich resource for functional access to academic books

Complex analysis: an introduction to the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable

Our environmental destiny

Capitalism and its spirits

Louis Stone

Stone Gods and Haunted Schoolhouses: Nostalgia and Vernacular Local History in Rosebud, Alberta 1960-1983

Grumman A-6 Intruder Airplane Videos and Airplane Pictures

Illustrating adolescent awareness: Teaching historical injustices and promoting agency through picture books in secondary classrooms

Portrait of the Poor: An assets-based approach

Blues Before Sunrise: The Radio Interviews

Bibliographies of works on playing cards and gaming

Review Essay: Law and Migrant Labor in the 20th Century: Ghost Workers and Global Capitalism

Dasein in a Space Station: The Conquest of Space and the Potentiality of Architecture

Understanding real world indoor scenes with synthetic data

Galileo s missing fingers found

Dialogues concerning a (possibly) new science

The solar granulation

The Capture of Spring: Hooke s Vibrative Pulse Communicated

The fallacy of composition and meta-argumentation

Copernicus, Galileo, and the church: Science in a religious world

Ten simple rules for the care and feeding of scientific data

The physical treatises of Pascal: The equilibrium of liquids and the weight of the mass of the air

Galileo Galilei

Earth, Sky and Prayer in Harmony. Aspects of the Interesting Life of Father Edward Pigot, SJ, BA, MB, BCH (1858-1929), a Jesuit Seismologist: Part 1

Galileo s World Discussion Guide

Galileo Galilei

Getting the science right, or introducing science in the first place? Local facts , global discourse- desertification in north-west Namibia

原因和本質: 克普勒與伽利略科學思想的形上學差異

Follow the needle: seeking the magnetic poles

Van (forest) Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh hills: a critical analysis

Role of leadership in cooperative management of natural common pool resources: a collective goods theoretic perspective

Panchgavya (Cowpathy): an overview

Performance of Tamil Nadu Tourism Industry

Vectors of Revolution: The British Radical Community in Early Republican Paris, 1792-1794

Imagined reality: black womanhood, telenovela representation, and racial discourse in Brazil

Constructing identities in San Andreas: characterizing the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V

The ecstasy of consumption: The drug ecstasy as a mass commodity in a global market

Empirical Study on Blog Participants′ Motivation among College Students [J

How conversational are weblogs

Professors, Start Your Blogs

Blogs and Book Promotion: Measuring Success

E-commerce: business, technology, society

Factors Affecting Student Persistence at a Selected Community College in the Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America

Writing and using learning outcomes: a practical guide

The rise of social media and its impact on mainstream journalism

The Christology of John Chrysostom

The Christology of John Chrysostom

soteriological dimension in the anaphora of the liturgy of st. basil-in Light of the Eschatology of St. Gregory of Nyssa

Philosophy of humor


John Chrysostom and the hermeneutics of exemplar portraits

Urban Violence in Fifth Century Antioch: Riot Culture and Dynamics in Late Antique Mediterranean Cities

Early ecclesiastical sites in Scotland: a field survey, part II

Giving birth to God: the virgin empress Pulcheria and imitation of Mary in early Christian Greek and Syriac traditions

Actes and monuments of these latter and perillous dayes, touching matters of the Church

From Iconoclasm to Arianism: the construction of Christian tradition in the Iconoclast Controversy

Managing Change: Integrating Cultural Landscape Values and Industrial Heritage Preservation

Evaluating the impact of National Park Service landscape preservation policies on archaeological site formation: archaeology of the Nevada Camp (42WS4484

Creating a Regional Identity through Civic Architecture: A New Courthouse for Snow Hill, Maryland

America Seen: British and American Nineteenth Century Travels in the United States

That Old Bilbao Moon: The Passion and Resurrection of a City

Book review Cheryll Glotfelty ed. Literary Nevada: writings from the Silver State. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 2008

Study on the Surface Behaviour of Polyamide-6.6 Fibres Treated with Plasma. Unitex, nr. 3, 1998, pp. 32-34


Library Guides: Nevada Writers Hall of Fame: Walter-Van-Tilburg-Clark

The history of the Jewish Diaspora in Wales

Language, culture and identity in Welsh children s literature: OM Edwards and Cymru r Plant 1892-1920

Highlighting hair: what can be revealed about reading hair in medieval Welsh literature

How liberalism assimilates minorities

The tie that binds? An incised Mesolithic bevelled pebble from Camas Daraich, Skye

Style in the vernacular and on the radio: Code-switching and mutation as stylistic and social markers in Welsh

Critical factors in the successful implementation of knowledge management

Spontaneous accountability

Aesthetic aspects of railway stations in Japan and Europe, as a part of Context sensitive design for railways

Literature review on cutback management

Protecting vulnerable subjects in clinical research: children, pregnant women, prisoners, and employees

A Reevaluation of the Damage Done to the United States by Soviet Espionage

The role of technical competence in managerial effectiveness: Mediators and moderators

Mandating Vaccines: Government Practicing Medicine Without a License

Challenges and Promises of a History of Capitalism

Frank Chin: An Interview with Robert Murray Davis

Applied theatre research: Discourses in the field

Musical life stories: Narratives on health musicking

Applied theatre research: Discourses in the field

Cultural studies in dark times: Public pedagogy and the challenge of neoliberalism

Cultural and creative industries

Observational linguistics, neologisms, entrenchment, and the Tea Party Movement

The sinking of the Titanic: Stead s death (and slight return

The Continental Army

Coherent and Creative Conceptual Combinations

Flow control

Encyclopedia LZ 129 Hindenburg

Encyclopedia LZ 129 Hindenburg

Encyclopedia LZ 129 Hindenburg

Imperial ascent: Mountaineering, masculinity, and empire


Slaves, Sailors, Citizens: African Americans in the Union Navy

The Continental Army

China s aircraft carrier dilemma

Submarines, classification, and the Fusion method

In-use stock of steel estimated by top-down approach and bottom-up approach

Sand lance as cornerstone prey for predator populations

SERMON 12/2/18 Advent 1C St Monica s Episcopal Church, Naples, FL

Lsst science book, version 2.0

Shoes Sneakers Breathable Shoes Lace Autumn PU Women White Platform UP Nice Casual Leather Women Women Spring Fashion HwxRaqY

Richard Marsh s The Beetle (1897): a late-Victorian popular novel

Lace: History and fashion

Lace: History and fashion

Omens of millennium: The gnosis of angels, dreams, and resurrection

Handmade Lacemaking in Ireland

Needle Arts in Nova Scotian Women s Lives 1752-1938 (Curatorial Report# 83

Climate Change and Globalization in the Arctic: An Integrated Approach to Vulnerability Assessment, by E. Carina H. Keskitalo

Retailing fashion in Montreal: a study of stores, merchants and assortments, 1845-1915

Needle Arts in Nova Scotian Women s Lives 1752-1938 (Curatorial Report# 83

Development of a Plant Care Guide for the Veterans Hospital Horticultural Therapy Program

The (Re) Invention of Lamu Maulidi Festival in Kenya

Manufacturing technology of ready-to-eat cereals

The Complete book on fruits, vegetables and food processing

Parents and their Children s Schools

Effects of various drying methods for wild flower

Effect of Sodium Silicate Addition on Flame Retardancy of the Oil Paint Produced byModern Paint Company

Comparative study of partial and total replacement of linear alkyl benzene sulphonate by novel polymer on the properties of detergent

A new kind of science

Total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of extracts of Bridelia Retusa Spreng Bark: Impact of dielectric constant and geographical location

Streamline simulation: theory and practice

English firsthand 2

The soul in grief: Love, death and transformation

The rules of the game: Evil dead II... meet thy doom

The last outlaw: a contemporary western

The Tigress and the Kite the inspiration and meaning behind the story. A dream research essay

Ain t IA woman? Revisiting intersectionality

Some Reflections on Manuel Castells Book Networks of Outrage and Hope. Social Movements in the Internet Age

The art of listening

Second-generation client/server computing

Enabling technology for knowledge sharing

VIVO: A semantic approach to scholarly networking and discovery

A New Paradigm for Music Education: Creating Active E-books through the IEEE 1599 Standard

National integration and local integrity: the Miri of the Nuba Mountains in the Sudan

Structural geology

Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography:[Julien Moreau: editing the questions of each chapter of the book

Stach s textbook of coal petrology

Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography:[Julien Moreau: editing the questions of each chapter of the book

Volcanoes: fire from the Earth

Hypocreales of the southeastern United States: An identification guide

We Shape Our Buildings; Thereafter They Shape Us: The Bessborough Hotel and its Home Community, 1927-2015

Structural geology: an introduction to geometrical techniques

The Venezuelan armed forces in politics, 1935-1959

Introduction to digital speech processing

Tangible user interfaces: past, present, and future directions

Analysis of the MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3) algorithm using MATLAB

Israelis and Palestinians

The bitter sea: the struggle for mastery in the Mediterranean, 1935-1949

Anthropology and photography, 1860-1920

Sidi Rezegh and Tobruk: two South African military disasters revisited 1941-1942

Rommel, you magnificent bastard: the Desert Fox and the rehabilitation of Germany in postwar media

The Indian Army s British Officer Corps, 1861-1921

Snow Plough and the Jupiter Deception: The Story of the 1st Special Service Force and the 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion, 1942-1945 by Kenneth

War and memory in the twentieth century

Allied air power and intelligence in the Mediterranean, June 1940-December 1943

The development of consumer desire in marketizing and developing economies: The cases of Romania and Turkey

Efficient operation of recharging infrastructure for the accommodation of electric vehicles: a demand driven approach

Introduction to the BMW-E1

Fighting corruption in procurement: a comparative analysis of disqualification measures

a. Ph. D. Dissertation

One of the few books that doesn t stink

Writing in College: From Competence to Excellence

1. Home 2. The Susan Manning Library

1. Home 2. The Susan Manning Library

1. Home 2. The Susan Manning Library

The Age of Innocence

Rehabilitating Howard M. Parshley: A Socio-Historical Study of the English Translation of Beauvoir s Le deuxième sexe, with Latour and Bourdieu

The Persians: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran

The Persians: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran

Indonesia s Salafist Sufis

The violence of nonviolence: problematizing nonviolent resistance in Iran and Egypt

Organizational opportunity and social movement mobilization: a comparative analysis of four religious movements

Iran s Security Outlook

Toward an anthropology of state failure : Lebanon s leviathan and peace expertise

Clerics and commanders an examination of the evolution of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps role in the political economy of Iran

Twitter free Iran: An evaluation of Twitter s role in public diplomacy and information operations in Iran s 2009 election crisis

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows Nuclear Hostage Crisis

Information searching habits of Internet users: A case study on the Medical Sciences University of Isfahan, Iran

Inspecting video game historiography through critical lens: Etymology of the first-person shooter genre

Envisioning the future: Worklife and counselling

On the bending strength of fused silica flexures fabricated by ultrafast lasers

The Advent of Modern Irish Drama and the Abjection of Peasant Culture: Folklore, Fairs and Faction Fighting

Earthquakes and tsunamis in the past. A guide to techniques in historical seismology

Death by medicine

Democracy in the Kitchen

Publishing new media in higher education: Overcoming the adoption hurdle

The spiritual reformation in Elizabethan books of public and private devotion

Rapid separation of lipid classes in high yield and purity using bonded phase columns

Simon Buchan

Journal of Economics Library

Cognitive psychology


A Bottom-up Approach to Effectively Implementing a Good Samaritan Policy at Bryant University

Charges in Mutual Funds and Their Effect on the Investor s Return

Utilizing Oral Traditions: Some Concerns Raised by Recent Ojibwe Studies; a Review Essay

Promoting an Anthropology of Infants: Some Personal Reflections

Is agile project management applicable to construction

Lansoprazole for children with poorly controlled asthma: a randomized controlled trial

Six principles of effective global talent management

of Book: Anthropology beyond culture

The importance of direct patient reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions: a patient perspective


Standards for holistic nursing practice: A way to think about our care that includes complementary and alternative modalities

Notes on some early geological investigations in Kansas

The language and intercultural communication reader

From waste to textiles: the exploration of the potential application of rice straw waste in the development of eco textile design solutions

Interview with Sean Ellis re: Graphic Adventure Creator

LibGuides: Asian American Studies Research Guide: New Books

La magia del amor, los horrores de la muerte y otros temas en los cuentos de Gabriel García Márquez

Forced) Walks on the Wild Side: Precarious Borders in American Captivity Narratives

Monthly Archives: July 2013

Changing Woman and Yeshe Tsogyel: A comparison of Womens Roles in Din4 and Tibetan Tantra Buddhist Traditions

Aboriginal People lived in balance, Peace and Harmony

Strengthening the faith of the children of God: Pietism, print, and prayer in the making of a world evangelical hero, George Müller of Bristol (1805-1898

The Third Wave Religious Right Movement and the growth of Zimbabwean Christianity: faith or economic response

Training leaders for the majority world church in the 21st century

Cross-cultural Evangelism Short-term Missions: How Do We Do It Well

T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution

Encyclopedia of community: From the village to the virtual world

Noticia de una falsificación de la Psalmodia christiana de fray Bernardino de Sahagún

Possessions and the Sense of Past

Jews, Sports, Gender, and the Rose City: An Analysis of Jewish Involvement with Athletics in Portland, Oregon, 1900-1940

All over the map: Rethinking American regions

Overcoming gender: The impact of the Persian language on Iranian women s confessional literature

Human rights overboard: Seeking asylum in Australia

The expression of emotions in 20th century books

Alexandrian Jewish Literalists

Little machines in their gardens: A history of school gardens in America, 1891 to 1920

The Haptic Sublime and the cold stony reality of Mountaineering

The Canadian Fiction of Margaret Laurence

Watson s theory of human caring and subjective living experiences: carative factors/caritas processes as a disciplinary guide to the professional nursing

Importing Problems: The Impact of a Housing Ordinance on Colombo, Sri Lanka

Transpacific imaginations: History, literature, counterpoetics

in the Mercantile Marine during World War 1: a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in History at Massey University

Abu Dhabi and Doha: Skyscraping for Tourism Development

This Inscrutable Englishman: Sir John D Oyly, Baronet, 1774-1824

Maintaining the Photographic Legacy of Ceylon

VText: A Plug-in Extension to Add Electronic Textbook Functionality to Microsoft OneNote

Slim by design: serving healthy foods first in buffet lines improves overall meal selection

South-Western Federal Taxation 2013: Comprehensive

Preventing money laundering: A legal study on the effectiveness of supervision in the European Union

Tintinallis emergency medicine A comprehensive study guide

Tintinallis emergency medicine A comprehensive study guide

Selecting a legal structure: revisiting the strategic issues and views of small and micro business owners

Fraser Darling in Africa: a rhino in the whistling thorn

Science and scientific associations in Eastern Australia, 1820-1890

And every day new Authors doe appeare : Labelling the Author in the Front Matter of Thomas Beedome s Poems Divine, and Humane (1641

The canon of Swift s poems: The case of An Apology to the Lady Carteret

Bell s orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

Archive for October, 2010


Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure

The Race for the Pole: Peary, Cook, and Winnie-the-Pooh

Alexandre goes south: A novel-and-An essay, The modern adventure novel

At the Greatest Personal Peril to the Photographer: The Schwatka-Haynes Winter Expedition in Yellowstone, 1887

Mountain Film. An Analysis of the History and Characteristics of a Documentary Genre

a Heroic Explorer in a Friendly Arctic: A Chronotopic Approach to Self-Representation in Vilhjalmur Stefansson s The Friendly Arctic: The Story of Five Years in Polar

A reconstruction of summer sea ice conditions in the Labrador Sea using Hudson s Bay Company ships log-books, 1751 to 1870

Frederick A. Cook: Discovering the Man and His Explorations

Early Thule winter houses: An archaeoentomological analysis

Interview of Charles F. Passel by Raimund E. Goerler

Importance of Festivals to Antarctic Culture

No more Diets: The Secret to Permanent Weight Control

Indian Reservation Housing: Progress Since The Stanton Report

Alice In Wonderland: Conservative or Progressive

Integrated Human-Robotic Missions to the Moon and Mars: mission operations design implications

UCODE_2005 and six other computer codes for universal sensitivity analysis, calibration, and uncertainty evaluation constructed using the JUPITER API

Gaming and the simulation of history constructing perspectives of Machu Picchu

The integration of planetary protection requirements and medical support on a mission to Mars

Challenges to the musculoskeleton during a journey to Mars: Assessment and Counter Measures

The dominant role of local information in user innovation: The case of mountain biking

To boldly go: a one-way human mission to Mars

Pacific Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of US Intelligence in the Pacific Campaign

Deep pockets, empty pockets

Astrology, science and culture: pulling down the moon

Is it Really Helping? A Review of Women s Self-Help Literature

Bringing emotional intelligence to the workplace: A technical report issued by the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

Focal Behavioral Psychotherapy for Acute Narcissistic Injury:De Mopes—Report of a Case

All Things Possible Wellness Center, PLLC

Courtyard housing in China: Chinese quest for harmony

Shifting selves: Home beyond the house-A study of ageing, housing and wellbeing of older Chinese migrants to New Zealand

Landscape Features and Mechanism of Huizhou Ancient Village [J

Chinese Gates of Late Imperial China in the Context of Cosmo-Religious Rituals

The strategy of ecosystem development

The role of possessions in constructing and maintaining a sense of past

The Southeast Asian Shophouse as a Model for Sustainable Urban Environments

Practice in English and Orientation to Brattleboro and Vermont: Classroom and Resource Materials Prepared for the English Language Department at the School for

Voices from the margins: Policy advocacy and marginalized communities

The anatomy coloring book

Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater

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Narration i situationskomedin. Everybody Loves Raymond

Life threatening illness in popular movies-a first descriptive analysis

The Writing on the Screen: Images of Text in the German Cinema from 1920 to 1949

Interwar film culture in Sweden: Avant-garde transactions in the emergent welfare state

Author Archives: Shane Denson

The documentary film book

Theology and film: Challenging the sacred/secular divide

Environmental justice in the planning process: a reflection on practice in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta planning studio

Applying Cultural Anthropology

Tokimeki Memorial Girl s Side: Enacting femininity to avoid dying alone

Understanding human perception by human-made illusions

Feminism and Youth Culture 2nd Edition

Only the Suffering God Can help . divine passibility in modern theology

Authentic leaders creating healthy work environments for nursing practice

Primer for the Psychotherapist

Current directions in self-efficacy research

Teaching vocabulary: Early, direct, and sequential

The future of the world trading system: Asian perspectives

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No Child Left Behind, Ohio and the Hispanic/Latino Population

Don cha know? A survey of ESL teachers perspectives on reduced forms instruction

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Determining best practice for vocabulary instruction in a middle school setting

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Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Analog model study of ground water in the Houston District, Texas

Revisiting Tocqueville: citizenship norms, political repertoires, and cultural participation

Marketing and entrepreneurship in SMEs: an innovative approach

The handbook of economic sociology

Feminism, capitalism, and the cunning of history

National health and social development in Costa Rica: a case study of intersectorial action

Dominican Migration to the United States, 1970-1997: An Annotated Bibliography

Joseph A. Schumpeter: a theory of social and economic evolution

Joseph A. Schumpeter: a theory of social and economic evolution

On Charles S. Peirce s lecture How to theorize(1903

Some Reflections on Manuel Castells Book Networks of Outrage and Hope. Social Movements in the Internet Age

Epistemic cultures: Towards a new sociology of knowledge

South African red data book-birds


The course of Islam in Africa

The Coming of the Giants: Rise of the Human Hybrids

Boffin s Books and Darwin s Finches: Victorian Cultures of Collecting

Employment, migration and livelihoods in the hill economy of Uttaranchal

Women in the Changing World of the Kibbutz

Putting the census on the web: lessons from two case studies

The political economy of water pricing reforms

Cost-benefit analysis: Issues and methodologies

The innocent sorcerer; coping with evil in two African societies, Kapsiki and Dogon

WT Stead: newspaper revolutionary

Deus e deuses nos meandros do Livro do Desassossego: uma função do estilo (God and Gods in The Book of Disquiet: a function of style

Introducing IT in Teaching the Engineering Design Graphics at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Teaching Reform Research of Mechanical Drawing Based on the Theory of CDIO

Technical drawing

Elementary Engineering Education (EEE) adoption and expertise development framework: An inductive and deductive study

Drawing for urban design

Personal Brand

Mathematical foundations for electromagnetic theory

Features, categories and the syntax of A-positions. Synchronic and diachronic variation in the Germanic languages

WG Sebald: a profile

The comparative study of the Japonic languages

Jews in today s German culture

Language and Space: An International Handbook of Linguistic Variation; Volume 1-Theories and Methods

Teaching talk: should students learn real German